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Thursday, September 12, 2019

If you have the choice between safe and awesome: choose awesome.

Right now, in your organization, your client’s organization, there is someone with an idea.  Maybe that someone is you. 
That idea is not incremental.  Not easy.  Not 'safe.'
And it is not what everyone else is doing.

Right now someone has the solution to a problem.  Right now you might have the idea that will change 10 lives.  Or 1000.  Or 1000000.

The safe option is to put that idea on the back shelf and forget about it, or wait for the time to be right.  After all, right now you don’t have time.  Or money.  It’s too hard. And it’s too risky.

The awesome option is to start that idea now. The awesome option is to do it because it’s hard. To speak first and keep speaking until someone listens.  It’s awesome because it’s risky.  It’s valuable because it’s risky.  
It is valuable because it is not what everyone else is doing.

Safe is doing what you are told. 
Safe is staying quiet.
Safe is incremental.
Safe is letting someone else decide what to risk.
Safe is comfortable.
But “safe” is not safe anymore.

Awesome is doing it anyway.
Awesome is speaking up and speaking out.
Awesome is audacious.
Awesome is taking responsibility for your own risks.
Awesome is sometimes uncomfortable.
Awesome is the new safe.  

Awesome doesn’t mean taking pointless risks.  
Awesome means taking the risks that make big things happen.

Right now, you have a choice: 
Be safe.  
Or be awesome.