Leadership is Action; Action is Reality

“The best moments in our lives are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times… The best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.”– Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Stop thinking about what might be.
Stop lying to yourself.
Stop obsessing about what you got wrong.
Stop trying to go it alone.
Stop waiting.

Face reality.
Accept your faults.
Let go of mistakes and dead weight.
Get help when you need it.
Get after it!

This is the difference between the heroes and the nobodies. There is no magic. There is only doing the work. Work looks like magic to those unwilling to do it. - David Wong

The world needs leaders.  We need action and thought leadership that acknowledges faults and failures, but learns from and transcends them.  We need people who bring ideas that are actually new, not just news ways to present the status quo.

We need creative destruction. In technology, in construction, in recycling, in politics, in religion. We need someone to break the mold, to make a new process.

That someone could be you.

Step one? Get after it!  Take action and stay with it. This is the difference between the heroes and the nobodies.  You take action and you stay with it until it’s done or you’re done. There is no magic. There is only doing the work. Work looks like magic to those unwilling to do it.

Management is about optimization, control and order.  The world needs managers. Without managers to keep core processes running smoothly, everything goes off the rails. But we have lots of managers.  

Some people don’t care much what others think of them.  Some people are willing to experience pain and discomfort specifically to be different.  Some people are wired to seek out the unusual, or to just think about things a whole different way.  Those people might become leaders.

Leaders are often annoying to managers.  Leaders need no authority beyond the passion or goals they pursue.  Leaders need no money, no position, nor mandate.  Their power is innate, driven by vision and passionThe purpose of leadership is to inspire movement and change.  

This is for those people.  

We have more opportunity to mindfully choose the trade-offs we will accept, to choose good vs bad outcomes for the future than ever in human history. But change is difficult. This is where we start losing people.  

“Yeah, do the small things, got it.” 

“Be careful which bridges you jump off, right.”  

“Wait this is gonna be uncomfortable? Later dude.”

Let’s say you want to be a rap star. You listen to the music, you write the rhymes.  You practice in front of the mirror.  Then you go to work and keep your head down, have your lunch break and your 15 minute break, and go home.  

You think Jay Z is gonna come find you in your cubicle?  You gotta get out.  Go somewhere different.  Talk to people who are different.  Be uncomfortable.  Be real.  That authenticity and vulnerability is gonna be uncomfortable.  But those weird encounters don’t happen in the cube farm.

You also need to get your mind and body right.  I’m not talking about perfection here.  But your mind can put you in a place that destroy your body.  And being out of shape and full of sugar and grease will wreak havoc on your mental state. The mind and the body – two sides of the same coin.  What you feed the one directly and immediately affects the other.  

Even if you are making a ton of money, you can lose it. But what if you make it your business to do something amazing, something to change lives, or change the world?   Even if your business tanks, your idea is still there.   If you touch lives you still won.  And if it succeeds...   then you just might have made an impact.

Actions have consequences. Your choices today open and close doors hours weeks, sometimes years in the future.

It doesn’t matter if it’s magic or not, what you do has power and consequences and affects other people.

Leadership is Action; Action is reality.