Depending on the source, as many as 90% of startups fail in the first 5 years.  The reasons are many, but one contributing factor is a lack of strong business planning and strategy. 

But does traditional strategy consulting work at the pace of startups and technology innovation? 

And make no mistake, these days EVERY company is a tech company.

We can help you find your vision and purpose, stop doing the wrong things, start really engaging for change.

Change the right thing, and you can change everything

  • Crisis is opportunity - when everyone else sees the sky falling, you start selling umbrellas!
  • Stop doing what doesn't work!
  • Education is painful: Leaving your comfort zone will be educational.  Facing new challenges will cause you some pain.
  • Action is reality.  Your intentions may be good, but your actions are what create change.
  • Fail happens.  Get back up.
  • If they don't call you crazy, you aren't trying hard enough.