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Jonas Bull is head of presales engineering at ZData, Inc, an Atos company, and the solution architect for the Atos AI Lab in Irving TX, where he leads presales efforts including solution design and customer engagement as well as developing engineering projects in the cloud and on premise, including data-as-a-product, high performance computing and analytics in the cloud, and quantum simulation systems. He is also the founder and principal consultant of Toro Strategic Ltd Co, a business transformation consulting agency. He has a reputation for being resilient, reliable, cool under pressure, and unafraid of complications and uncertainty.

Jonas has extensive experience implementing massively parallel data and analytics systems on bare metal and in the cloud including Greenplum, Hadoop, Oracle, and Hana on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure.  He has designed and led successful strategic innovation workshops focused on technology and advanced analytics, among other distinctions in the field.  He helps industries across market verticals to define technology strategy, identify and prioritize goals for growth, design and implement technology solutions, and recognize value from technology investments.

Jonas is a mentor for students at University of Texas, Dallas, a serves on the steering committee for Tech Titans of North Dallas Analytics and Insights forum, and is a contributor to the ongoing development of the Dallas County Community College District, Bill J. Priest Institute's Dallas Education and Innovation Hub.

Jonas is enjoys the outdoors, is a curious observer of human nature, and is a terrible, but persistent, guitar player now living in Dallas, TX.  Originally from Jayess, Mississippi, he holds a B.S. in Anthropology, from the University of Southern Mississippi and is currently pursuing an MBA from Smartly Institute of Washington, DC.

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