Toro Strategic offers a number of services which are uniquely blended and modernized from coaching, technology, library consulting, management consulting, training and speaking.  Our services list is not exhaustive, we can tailor a solution to fit your needs.  Examples of services we offer include:

  • Search Projects Consulting
    • Once people sought out librarians to search the stacks of books for data dumps on various topics.  In today's world a library approaching infinity is available to anyone with internet access.  But finding and synthesizing accurate, usable data is harder than ever.  We can help.  We know how to find information, how to vet information with experts and cross references.
  • Change & Leadership Coaching
    • Our core values start with the idea "Change the right thing and you can change everything."  We know change and creativity.  We understand creative destruction.  We can tell you how to enhance creativity, lead for innovation, build safety systems to channel creativity into productive directions and "change the right thing."
  • Management Consulting for Innovation and Startup Organizations
    • We have extensive experience managing organizations that don't fit the traditional corporate models.  Your organization is unique.  Your management challenges are unique.  We can help you navigate the modern world in your own unique way. 
  • Speaking & Presentations on various topics.
    • Our varied interests give us interesting opinions on lots of topics.