Fractional C*O

Our Fractional C*O service provides an experienced leadership to fill conventional roles of certain executives for businesses who can't afford to maintain a full time executive.  

Exactly how this role is fulfilled depends on the scope of work to be done and the specific needs and directions of the business. Usually the role involves a set amount of hours, some of may be physically present.

Currently we are providing fractional services for Information, Technology, Data and Operations. 
(Coming soon: Finance, Revenue, and Information Security)

The scope of these roles may include:
  • Strategic direction
  • Improving IT value in the organization
  • Environment analysis
  • Business alignment
  • Budgetary alignment
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Product and Technology direction
  • Buildup of engineering team (including hiring of permanent executives)

As part of this process, you should expect:
  • Partnering with finance for budgeting
  • Partnering with HR for recruiting and succession planning
  • Partnering with senior staff on technology decisions
  • Participation on steering committees
  • Strategic planning
  • Regular reporting, findings, and recommendations (with costing)
  • Emphasis on security and regulatory compliance
  • Improved insight and control of OpEx
  • Audits and planning
  • Plans to leverage technology as a profit center rather than a cost center