Toro Strategic helps you reach your awesome.

Awesome is risky.

But "safe" isn't safe anymore.

Leveraging our experience and our expanding network of partners, providers and advisors,

we help you identify the right risks to take and mitigate the risks you can't avoid.

We help you be awesome!


Why start Toro Strategic?

Imagine if you were the wheel inventor for cars, but after you invent the front driver side wheel, you realize you now have to design a whole new wheel for the passenger front.  Then another whole new wheel for the driver rear, and yet again for the passenger rear.  Then you sell your first car - and have to start the whole process again! Four new wheels, every time.  Businesses do this with technology.  All. The. Time.

I saw companies spending months reinventing the wheel.  I saw companies spending millions on technology that did not further their business and strategic goals. I saw companies shoehorning technology into the wrong domain to solve the wrong problems. I saw companies trying to launch initiatives with the right technology but the wrong expertise.

I saw some needs that were not being met.  They usually involved technology, but were often not technology problems, but problems of communication, alignment, misapplication, or simply lack of domain knowledge.  These problems were costing time, money and in some cases preventing valuable, important ideas from getting off the ground.

Worst of all, I saw startups with utterly brilliant and beautiful ideas failing because they were doing some combination of these.

I had to do some thinking about what I was seeing, and how to leverage the connections, knowledge, skills and experience I have to help.  To be honest, it is an on-going process.  But the real driving force, the vision, for Toro Strategic, is this:

To help bring to life the ideas that make life better for all of us.

You have the idea.

I have the knowledge and experience to help you make it live and breath.